It was a tough decision for us to exit the USA based board fabrication strategy. After all, that is why I bought the company…to be an American manufacturer. Having spent most of my career flying back and forth to Asia and Europe supporting corporate component factories, I was done. Precision Circuits of San Diego was a nice little shop with great people and no airplanes for me.

Hard as we tried, customer after customer said buy America is great, but we cannot afford it for OUR product. We understand, we all shop at Walmart and Target for good products and the lowest cost.

So here we are, leveraging the knowledge we gained about the details of board fabrication and SMT assembly and leveraging the scale and low cost of a much larger factory to bring a correctly priced and expertly managed product to our customer base.

We will wait for the economies of global manufacturing to change and for Buy America relative to printed circuit boards to be a cost effective strategy, but for now we will leverage what works best for our OEMs. Something will change, it always does.