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Talk to your PCB house as you begin a design. Here are 4 things that make the process - concept to production - faster and with less wasted effort.

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as published in EBN  Cost Drivers in PCB Production....or why China? by Thomas Smiley, President, Precision PCBS Most of our customers believe that the PCB is an uninteresting commodity. They imagine a long machine into which fiberglass and copper are poured and out pops a shiny 10 layer pcb, customized to their needs.  This being […]

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With most of PCB fabrication coming from Asia, and less than 10% installed capacity in the USA, we can modernize our approach to purchasing boards. Managed Manufacturing Services ,or Value Added Distributors, of Asia based PCBs can streamline the buying process, eliminate the risk, and help you adapt to the current reality.

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from EBNonline  August 22, 2016 The Latest Approach to PCB Sourcing As U.S. PCB manufacturers disappeared in the 90s and early 00s, they were replaced primarily by sources in China, which now holds enormous capacity and actually performs with outstanding consistency in its more automated factories.  The challenge has been knowing how to tap into […]

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As a printed circuit board manufacturer, we are chartered with building your boards to perfection. Consequently, we scrub your documentation and ask questions until we believe we have the whole story.  With our factories so highly automated, we rarely see manufacturing issues...but never stop checking. Where we do see issues is with documentation.  This week's […]

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PCB quality can be a difficult subject.  What is good, what is not.  You don't really want to overrule your quality inspector, but you should have a voice in the decisions.  EBN was kind enough to publish our thoughts on the subject. See link. What are your thoughts?

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In this article we put some hard numbers to the true cost of going to Asia for PCB manufacturing. Numbers too rich for your company? Out of balance for what you need done? Managed Manufacturing Services may be the answer for you.  Follow link below for the full article.

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PCB designers and PCB fabricators are different sides of the same coin. Coordination between the two processes is essential to success. This presentation walks you through that coordination process. Essential read for any new designer or any designer who has experienced delays or garbage coming from the PCB manufacturer.

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Quality is Free but but requires some up front investment when contracting with an offshore PCB manufacturing service. This article puts some light on where to make that investment and how our Managed Manufacturing Services operate.