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Layout from your Working Schematic and BOM

  • Full design for manufacturability review
  • Legacy component research and replacement
    • Board re-spin based on recommended replacements
  • Gerber file touch up
  • Reverse engineering from lost files
    • IP ownership validation required
  • DFM verification and Design Readiness for volume production
  • Consultation on materials and board layout

We are engineers and circuit board fabricators, so we understand how to layout boards that work, enhance quality, and meet the requirements of the fabrication process

We are also skilled manufacturers of electronic assemblies who naturally design for manufacturability and design for quality

Electrical Engineering expertise in Digital, Analog, Power, Optical, R&D Electronics, Component Design, Component Selection Trade Offs, Test Equipment Design and Prototyping

If You Have a Working Design, We Can Help Make It Production Ready

  • PCB layout from your schematic
  • Original CAD files in ORCAD or PADS
  • All layers in 274X gerber format for any fabricator to utilize
  • Design review and final net list for end of project verification
  • PCB proto fabrication for final proof of design and execution of CAM files
  • A Big Smile on your face

Circuit boards and service beyond expectations
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