Who do we serve? – Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services

1. The OEM who needs the highest quality, lowest cost board supplier.

2. The OEM who has limited resources to design printed circuit boards.

3. The OEM who does not want to commit the resources to managing an overseas manufacturer.

4. The manufacturer with a cost problem

5. The manufacturer who has had a bad experience buying offshore.

6. The OEM who wants a local engineering team to scrub their build documentation to perfection, and react quickly when issues arise…

7. The OEM who does not want to make trips overseas and stay up late at night struggling with poor English on an overseas call.

8. The PCB designer who needs a same time zone, expert, PCB fabricator for consulting on the last details of the new board.

9. The OEM who has just fired their contract engineer and needs someone to finish the design and get it to production fast.

That’s us. Consider It Managed.