Simply put, we focus on managing the entire process of getting a product manufactured and delivered to you on time. This, as opposed to traditional CEMs who must focus on maintaining equipment, ensuring capacity is filled, hiring and firing direct labor.

Often the totality of the product fulfillment process falls into a crack. Not fully attended to by the CEM, and lost in the daily shuffle by the customer. We are the team that watches over the totality of delivering materials to your factory floor so you can direct your limited resources to other areas and move on the next challenge.

Our factories are proven, fully certified by safety and ISO agencies. They know us well and understand the value in having a partner in the USA protecting their interests and guiding them to be ever more successful. Our customers are busy building their sales and marketing teams, dealing with final assembly of complex machines, and appreciate the Asia based cost structure we can provide without adding internal resources or risk.

The rigor with which we subject each board and each assembly is our secret sauce of management. Garbage in garbage out as they say. If you need support, we are there. If the factory has concerns, we are there.

If your CEO asks how you drove the cost down….tell him what ever will make you look good.