Electronics Offshoring Issues Forum

We talk often about the issues and opportunities related to placing your electronics projects in the hands of an offshore company for manufacture. We would like to hear, and others would like to hear,  what you think, what you have experienced, and your solutions to the issues we all have experienced. Big companies with big resources are one solution, but what about the medium and smaller sized OEMs…how do they solve the issues and satisfy the concerns?

So, under the Twitter hashtag  #Electronics Offshoring Issues, let’s start a discussion.  If you cannot get your vent out in 140 characters, we will publish you on our Blog.  Anonymously, if you like. We will also tweet out, under the #ElectronicsOffshoringIssues tag, articles we find that contribute to the matter at hand.

Here are some starter subjects that we all deal with, just to get your juices flowing.

Starter Subjects –

Hidden Costs

Quality Control

IP Security


Best Cost Location





Success Stories

Failure Stories

Clearly, there are many concerns and proven strategies. Let’s share so we all can benefit.