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Unspoken Truth About the Source of PCB Quality Problems

As a printed circuit board manufacturer, we are chartered with building your boards to perfection. Consequently, we scrub your documentation and ask questions until we believe we have the whole story.  With our factories so highly automated, we rarely see manufacturing issues…but never stop checking. Where we do see issues is with documentation.  This week’s […]



Designers Perspective: Why Coordinate with the PCB Fabricator?

PCB designers and PCB fabricators are different sides of the same coin. Coordination between the two processes is essential to success. This presentation walks you through that coordination process. Essential read for any new designer or any designer who has experienced delays or garbage coming from the PCB manufacturer.



Hazards of Estimating PCB Costs

Circuits Assembly online magazine picked up an article we wrote to help customers avoid the dangers of estimating PCB cost during the design cycle. If PCB pricing has been a mystery to you, maybe this will help. For help with costing PCBs see Circuit Assembly Hot Wires, April. Or…you can just call us 🙂


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